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I am happy to say I liked painting or drawing all my life but never really practiced it. It kept circling me all my life but never given  them a chance to be part of my life. Until October 2015 when a complex set of circumstances pushed me  in the arms of watercolors with decisive determination. It’s difficult to define my technique. It keeps changing, depending on the master that influences me,  momentary mood, place, light. I began trying to look for new ways and experiment. Painting brings me joy, and hope of content. As I am almost never happy with the results. Besides, it does  not give peace of mind as Watercolour as a technique is too unpredictable; my Masters always tell me to give it autonomy and let it do half of the work forme. Be patient, wait, observe and act at the right moment. Easy to say to a passionate amateur!  You can’t try to control each detail, as it kills the greatest merit of watercolour – spontaneity and freshness. I am constantly under an intensive learning process and I get surprised by the type of paper, or by pigments or brushes.


In my present job in online digital marketing I am professionally active.  I treat painting as a serious hobby which, as a passion and a part of my lifestyle, fights or negotiates for a place in my family and friends’ life. .   Contrary to my education I perceive watercolour as a category of painting/ art, rather well determined, exact, with an established recipee.  That is why I like  representation of architecture  in my works, though they are never represented directly; they are usually a small part of a broader cultural landscape. The coexistence of the natural landscape and human artifacts makes a remarkable material which enables the artist to create a half-realistic, half-poetic vision of the world, a vision as elusive as the changing light or seasons of the year. The resulting works are quite often inspired by a flash of light on a facade, shimmering surface of the water, billowing sky rather than by a particular object. With my lack of artistic education, I could not take the direct approach for objects, people, technical details.